Hard Work Does Pay Off

So my Mother retired this past Friday. After 20-plus years, she stepped down from CVS. A company that she’s been at, for what seems like forever (or at least since I was in middle school).

My Mother’s a rare breed. A Mid-Western Girl, she had her first daughter when she was a teenager and didn’t have a college education, but that never stopped her from succeeding. As a CVS Store Manager, she was always the talk of her district and I’ll never forget how she came home after every Christmas Party with a new gift that she won for being one of the top stores in her district.

She worked hard, but she never forgot about her kids though. There was always food on the table and she always found time to take road trips and spend time with her family.

As the year’s progress and the kids moved out though, her attention turned to helping others. Whether it was driving local friends across state for Doctors appointments or surprising friends with presents to remind them that they were loved, she always found ways to help others.

My Mother worked hard. She always did. But whatever she did, she always found happiness and success.

What Does it Take?

Want to succeed in this world? What does it take to be Soni Watts? It doesn’t take a fancy degree or being born to a rich family.

It takes…

-> Compassion
-> Hard Work
-> Humilty

We all have it in us and if one woman from Kansas can do it, we all can.