Some Business / Tech Predictions for 2023.

I haven’t used this blog in a long time, but I figured what better way to share my thoughts on the next year than throwing some words together for the world to see and read here.

Some 2023 business/life predictions that are sure to go wrong

  • Entertainment (video games, streaming service, etc.) is going to have a bad year (at least in the first half). Too many of these companies got hit by COVID or tried to expand into new verticles (NFTs anyone?) over the last few years, with little success. In 2023, I expect to see many companies yet again, have a hard year and try to circle back to what once made them great.
  • We will see a return to live events and live events will be stronger than ever, as people officially decide that they want to go outside. A growing recession and worsening economy, will also get people out to chat, network, and make deals like never before.
  • Social networks will get smaller and more fragmented. Elon Musk may be pouring gasoline on Twitter right now, but other social networks are also having their own problems. TikTok is being eliminated from government devices and Facebook is still trying to figure out the metaverse. Expect social networks to slim down their offerings and for people to pick and choose, what they post on these networks more than ever before.
  • Smaller tech content distribution companies such as Zoom, Pinterest, sub stack, etc. will get gobbled by Adobe and/or SalesForce who hope to make a play for content/social while the price tags are low. Tech is getting eaten alive right now in the stock market and for companies that thrive on the acquisition, now is the time to grab a distribution network while it is hot.
  • Instead of Republican vs. Democrat, the new argument will be the people vs the Government in 2023. Elon Musk has already opened the nozzle of privacy, but look for more and more conversations in 2023 to be about privacy and the difference of privacy vs. safety as the Government starts to lean its head into how tech and social media companies operate.

Other things, I’m looking forward to in 2023… finally watching Mr. Robot, Spiderman: Across the Spider-verse, whatever the Flash movie turns into, biking (and swimming) more, getting back into the gym, Tough Mudder Nashville, and last but not least the Krispy Kreme Challenge.