My top 50 Favorite Videogames of All Time.

My top 50 Favorite Videogames of All Time.

I know I don’t talk usually talk about pop culture on this blog, but for those who do not know I grew up in the 90’s on videogames and comic books with Cal Watts. Though I’m less of a hardcore fanboy these days, I do still check out nerd culture from time to time and still pick up the occasional trade paperback or video game.

Recently, Game Mess Decide‘s Jeff Grub and Mike Minotti decided to produce their top 100 list of favorite video games. As a fun thought experiment, I decided to do my top 50 and figured i’d share it with you guys (because what could go wrong?).

A few notes on my list:

  • Most of my video game experience was spent on the following systems: SNES, Dreamcast, PS2, and PS4.
  • The top 3 are ultimately my top 3. It will be hard for anything to move them, I imagine, for some time.
  • Outside the top 10, things can start to get reordered just about any particular way depending on my mood.
  • I should add remakes and remasters are listed. Unless noted, I am referring to the original game.
  • I added platform available and genre for each game, for those looking for something new to play.
1. Final Fantasy 6SNESRPG
2. Marvel vs. Capcom 2VariousFighting
3. Resident Evil 2 RemakeVariousSurvivor Horror
4. Mario Kart 64N64Sports
5. Super Mario RPGSNESRPG
6. Last of UsPS4Action
7. Final Fantasy 9VariousRPG
8. Chrono TriggerSNESRPG
9. Star Fox 64N64Shooter
10. Last of Us Part 2PS4Action
11. Resident Evil 7VariousSurvivor Horror
12. Nier AutomataVariousHack-N-Slash
13. Metal Gear SolidPS1Action
14. Final Fantasy 10VariousRPG
15. Diablo 2PCRPG
16. Turtles in TimeSNESBeat-em-up
17. Sunset RidersSNESBeat-em-up
18. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake EaterPS2Action
19. Resident Evil 3 RemakeVariousSurvivor Horror
20. X-men Children of the AtomArcadeBeat-em-up
21. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ArcadeArcadeBeat-em-up
22. EarthboundSNESRPG
23. Zelda: A Link’s AwakeningSNESAction
24. Super Mario 3D World: Bowser’s FurySwitchAction
25. The Curse of Monkey IslandPCPoint and Click
26. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of LibertyPS2Action
27. Final Fantasy X:2VariousRPG
28. Lufia 2SNESRPG
29. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical FreezeSwitchAction
30. Breath of Fire 2SNESRPG
31. BioshockVariousAction
32. Zombies ate my NeighborsVariousAction
33. Half-LifeVariousAction
34. Mass EffectVariousAction
35. Tomb RaiderVariousAction
36. Soul CaliberVariousFighting
37. Full ThrottlePCPoint and Click
38. Looney Toons BBallSNESSports
39. Resident Evil 6VariousSurvivor Horror
40. F.E.A.R.PCShooter
41. Star Wars Rogue CommandoVariousShooter
42. Street Fighter 3: 3rd StrikeVariousFighting
43. Resident Evil RemasterVariousSurvivor Horror
44. Silent Hill 2PS2Survivor Horror
45. Mystical NinjaSNESAction
46. Warcraft 3PCStrategy
47. Yoshi Tetris AttackSNESPuzzle
48. Castlevania Symphony of the NightVariousMetroidvania
49. Mortal Kombat 11VariousFighting
50. Chrono CrossVariousRPG

Some hard omissions: Persona 5, Parasite Eve 2, Battle Toads / Double Dragon, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s kong Quest, Horizon Zero Dawn, and World of Warcraft.