A Look at My Home Office

Our office environment can make or break us…which can sometimes be difficult because we don’t always have a say in where we work. Like many of you this week, I’m not having a say in where I work as instead of making the usual trek into my office, I am finding myself working from my home office for the near future (which resides on the second floor of my Raleigh Townhouse).

Sadly, my home office has been badly neglected over the last year, as I have often found myself working on my couch or kitchen table instead, but there’s no denying it’s a great place to go for long periods of work and with the Corona Virus spreading throughout the nation, now is a good time to spruce it up and get it back to working conditions.

Saying all that, as a fan of working from home and learning from others, I figured I’d share some of the highlights of my home office pictured above.

  1. My tech set-up. Like many of you, I use a second monitor at work, so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t use a second monitor at home. My current monitor setup includes an ASUS “27 VS278Q-P. I also have a wireless (travel) mouse available, which is currently a Logitech M525.
  2. Comfort. Between nearby blankets and sunlight, my office is decorated for comfort. You’ll find at least a few childhood blankets to keep me warm during the winter months. (And for those asking my desk is a simple L-Shaped desk by Amazon Basics. )
  3. Creativity and art. Your office should explore the creativity that is you. You’ll notice that my office has a sprinkle of Appalachian Gear(go Mountaineers!), Wordly maps, and comic book art. I encourage you to invest in local artisans or even Etsy creators to show off your own personality. (Mojoswork for the comi cbook fans out there.)
  4. Your office should have the office materials that you need. You might not need a pillow, but you’ll need notebooks, pens, and items readily available. My office is filled with many of them and much more.

But what about you? What does your home office look like?