4 Newsletters You Should Subscribe Too

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So if you haven’t heard, I recently ended the local newsletter that I sent out on Sunday’s. The Triangle 7, a local networking newsletter in the Raleigh-Triangle area, was sent out for the last time this past Sunday. Ending it was a hard choice, but like all great things sometimes you have to end them.

Now email marketing is my favorite medium and something that I’ve written about over and over again, as something that people continue to not use right. Saying that, I do have plans for a new newsletter. Something a bit more personal and broader in scope.

In the meantime though, as I’m still in the factory tinkering on what I’m doing, here are a few newsletters that I encourage everyone to subscribe too ->

Brandon Utley’s Get Launch Newsletter – Sent roughly every two weeks, Brandon sends you the latest tools that you need to use to survive in marketing and technology.

Chris Penn’s Marketing Blackbelt – Chris Penn sends the latest in marketing, business, and technology news every Sunday night.

Moz Top 10  – Learn how to optimize your website and the search engine rankings better, by reading Moz’s newsletter that gives you the latest trends in SEO and SEM.

Sugar Rae Sound Bites – Like her or hate her, the Internet’s #1 Affiliate Marketer, has a weekly newsletter that offers you the greatest online marketing news.

Is there a newsletter that I missed? Shoot me an email at ColinWWatts@gmail.com or give me some love on Twitter.